The most famous Made in Italy watches in the world

September 4, 2023By Bonetto Cinturini

Made in Italy products are among the most appreciated in the world, and they include food, clothing and luxury watches. Because of the quality of the materials used and the assembly techniques, the watches are able to compete with the most famous Swiss models on the market.
Let’s take a look at some of the best Made in Italy watch brands that are part of the most luxurious range.


The best-loved Made in Italy watches are produced by Anonimo, Bulgari and Dino Zei

There are three brands that stand out from the top Made in Italy luxury watches, and they are the most popular. First we have Anonimo, a brand which, from the very start, was always a competitor of Panerai.
Federico Massacesi fused both brands in 1997, deciding to keep the production of Panerai in the city of Florence and relocate the Anonimo factories to other areas in Tuscany. In 2013, however, the production of Anonimo brand watches was transferred to Switzerland, which technically means that it is no longer an Italian company.
As far as the most popular luxury watches are concerned, the brand produces three collector’s models: Militare, Nautilo and Epurato. All three are handmade, categorically with automatic movements. Militare watches in particular are loved by diving enthusiasts, and by many top figures in the Italian Navy.

Today, Bulgari watches demonstrate at best the ability of Italian watchmakers to make very luxurious models. The company, which was established in Rome in 1884 by the Greek watchmaker Sotirios Voulgaris, today makes very technical watches that are assembled in the Swiss branch, given the name Bvlgari Haute Horlogerie SA. The brand produces every component and boasts different collections for men and women, named Octo and Bvlgari Bvlgari, Serpenti and Lucea, respectively. The Bvlgari Bvlgari ref. 1013132, with a bronze case of 41 mm and a blue dial (a colour that makes the watch particularly attractive), is one of the most popular models. 

Italian luxury watches also include models made by Dino Zei, an Italian colonel who was passionate about all kinds of timekeepers and managed to create his own space on the national and international markets, so becoming a spokesperson for Italian skill in the sector. As a result of the death of their creator, Dino Zei watches are now designed by two key figures in Italian watchmaking: Massacesi, the founder of Anonimo, and Ambuchi who, being a renowned designer and son of an ex-supplier of Officine Panerai, continues producing top-quality watches which follow the Tuscan traditions that made Panerai and Anonimo great. The models have a case that is produced using CNC technology, and a bezel that is held in position by Torx screws, very similar to those used by the Swiss brand Hublot


Made in Italy watches: Panerai, U-Boat and Locman at the forefront

When speaking about high quality Made in Italy watches, Panerai certainly deserves a special mention. The brand was established in the city of Florence in 1860. Later on, it became the official supplier of the Italian Navy, and in the subsequent years it placed some Rolex brand pocket watch movements in the cases it produced. The Submersible, Luminor, Radiomir and Luminor Due models are among the most popular collections, with a price range that goes from around 4,000 euros to 20,000 euros and beyond.
From among the most appreciated Made in Italy luxury watch models, the U-Boat brand also excels. With headquarters in Lucca, the brand made its mark on the market thanks to some particular characteristics: large dials, Swiss-made movements, and a vintage design. U-Boat watches are greatly appreciated even abroad, as can be seen by their presence on the wrists of international stars like Tom Cruise and David Beckham. The models are suitable for most pockets, though, with prices ranging from 1,600 to about 20,000 euros.
This round-up of Made in Italy luxury watches cannot end without mentioning the Locman brand. It is a new brand, with headquarters on the Isle of Elba. The master watchmakers who are part of the company team painstakingly assemble mechanical movements in expressly designed cases of various shapes, sizes and materials.


The new Made in Italy by Bulgari

The Italian watch market trend, and in particular that of locally-produced brands, in spite of some hiccups over the past few years, is still alive. The reason is mainly tied to the rediscovery of some design models, and the use of materials that had already been used in the past by manufacturers. Thanks to this, every year new models are presented that exalt the ability of the craftsmen who create and design them.
Bulgari, during Watches and Wonders 2023 in Geneva, presented various models with the name CarbonGold. The bracelet, case and dial of every model were made with the same technology, using anthracite-coloured carbon and luxurious pink gold inserts – which are very visible at the winder positioned at 3 o’clock – on the hands and on each hour marker. This tonality, among other things, perfectly contrasts the black of the carbon, making the watch sporty yet luxurious at the same time. The model is assembled in a case of diameter 40 mm and boasts an octagonal bezel (also of carbon). The slimness of the case – just 6.90 mm, and 7.60 mm for the model with perpetual calendar – and the back, which is made of sapphire glass and fixed with eight pink gold screws, are two elements that deserve to be mentioned.

As a further demonstration of how well Bulgari master watchmakers are able to create new watch models whose design is always characteristic, the models indicated previously also have bridges of pink gold, the material that coats the platinum oscillator as well. The price of this new luxury watch model by Bulgari starts at around 29,000 euros, while the version with perpetual calendar is proposed at 100,000 euros.
We can state that with these new luxury watches, Bulgari shows once again its desire to catch the attention of enthusiasts who are looking for models with a unique, suggestive design.