Super-LumiNova: a revolutionary innovation for luxury watches

June 4, 2022By Bonetto Cinturini

Super-LumiNova is a fluorescent material that makes it possible to see watch dials even in total darkness thanks to a cutting-edge illuminating material.

Luminova, a material immediately used by Swiss watchmakers when making luxury watches, has been used instead of Tritium, the luminous sublayer for watches, since 1998.

Luminova was discovered in the Sixties, when it was used in cathode ray tubes. It was only discovered by the watchmaking industry a few decades later, thanks to Kenzo Nemoto from Japan who, with his luminous paint business, took it from the aeronautics sector to the watchmaking sector.

Thanks to the technology behind the fluorescent pigments, which recharge with sunlight or artificial light, dials remain visible even when there is no light, without having to insert batteries.
Differently from previous luminescent materials, Super-LumiNova is not radioactive, so it does not create problems for those who wear watches regularly.

Its only limit depends on its progressive reduction in intensity over time, given that performances are connected with the amount of stored light.
Super-Luminova can be recharged an unlimited number of times and is available in a wide variety of colours, ranging from white to shades of yellow, green and blue.

The Super-Luminova brand, which at this point has become a guarantee for luxury watches, ensures night vision without needing battery-powered backlighting.

The design and size of the dial can condition the level of luminescence, considering that the dials of some models are fully lit while others localize the luminosity only on the figures that indicate the time and on the hands.