Rolex nicknames

September 16, 2022By Bonetto Cinturini

A Rolex is forever

Saying the word Rolex does not banally mean indicating a status symbol or a privileged economic condition. It means, above all, demonstrating the ability to recognise the vast merits that the parent company wanted to implement in its creations.

As a result, knowing how to wear a Rolex is essential. 

Each watch in the famous brand is suave, elegant, not at all presumptuous. The emblem of the stylised crown is a globally recognised source of prestige that promotes the idea of belonging to a rather high social level. One of the main reasons why the brand name makes you think of the ‘better off’ club is the superb quality of each component. Swiss precision is the expression that best suits a product which, by definition, has to record time perfectly.

Important events are always the perfect occasion for wearing a Rolex, but lots of people put a watch on their wrist for a sports excursion or in their daily lives.

Rolex means prestige and maximum quality.

Famous performers and sportspeople are aware of this, it is the reason why they sing its praises even in consideration of what they do as a job or a hobby.
The materials used to make a Rolex watch are, in fact, selected extremely carefully and attentively. In consequence, its assembly follows rules that are dictated by maximum scrupulousness and competence. The certificates that accompany each watch are the result of the most severe tests that can be imagined. The reason is clear: whoever wears a Rolex must be sure that they will never be abandoned. Aside from the shapes and colours, the reliability of each model is what convinces. Meticulousness and experience merge to give life to a product whose every detail is perfect.

To each watch its own name

When deciding to buy a watch from the famous company, personal taste prevails when elaborating the choice, which must satisfy all expectations in terms of both quality and features. The numerous models proposed by Rolex vary according to the collections. The watches from the most vintage lines also become an investment, something whose capital increases over the long term. Above and beyond the possibility of investing, anyone who purchases a Rolex watch adores lingering on its details: the bracelet, the dial, the bezel. Enthusiasts place their most obsessive attention on the bezel, just like those who take inspiration from its colour, which is detailed and produced meticulously.

The GMT-Master series models attract not only because of the creativity of their shapes and colours, but also because of the nicknames they were given and have been officially catalogued with, making an ironic identification possible.

The most recent famous combination involves the GMT-Master II (reference 126710BLRO), whose bezel is cheerfully coloured with the famous red and blue tones of the “Pepsi” brand. The red and black bezel, instead, mirrors the colours of the famous rival brand “Coke”.
The blue and black variant led to the watch being given the nickname “Batman”, after the legendary cartoons. The “Rootbeer” model, which is also called “Eye of the tiger”, got its nickname from the gold colour that coats the steel in an extremely refined manner. It is one of the most vintage GMTs in the series.
Hulk” was the name given to the Submariner collection (ref. ref. 116610LV) because its ceramic bezel and dial are a vibrant shade of green.

The version tied to the fiftieth birthday of the Submariner model, which took place in 2003, was given a new nickname – “Fat Four” – after the fuller shape of the figure four on the dial. A minimal, but also striking, way to celebrate and pay homage to a model of undoubted success and value.

The “Kermit” model not only shares the same colour as the likeable frog from the Muppets that it was named after, but also some distinctive characteristics of the “Fat Four”, like the bigger, more evident numbers on the dial.
The blue cobalt Submariner with a white gold bracelet and case could only have been given the nickname “Smurf”, in honour of the small blue characters that live in mushroom-shaped houses. 

The “Polipetto” (small octopus) Submariner needs few explanations if we compare the total black of the whole dial with the colour of the ink emitted by an octopus when it needs to escape. The nickname “Padellone” (big pan), given to the model with an oversize case of 38 mm, is intuitive. Produced only from 1948 to 1952, it is one of the most eminent pieces, considering the perfection of the production techniques, the raw materials used, for example white gold and steel, and pink gold for some models.

With its solar calendar and phases of the moon, the eccentric complexity of the RolexMoonphase” catapults wearers into a magical starry atmosphere. To complete the effect, the numbers are identified by amazing golden stars that are sealed inside the case by a twinlock crown, so waterproof.
In reality, the first underwater watch was the Rolex Bubbleback, with a domed case from which it got its name. It is a very nondescript name for a watch that held the Oyster Perpetual movement for the first time, but which could be included in the patent in spite of its particular shape. Even though the Bubbleback only came on the market in 1945, its dial was the first to carry the word “Datejust”, which was placed on the rest of the line.

The Rolex “Texan” could certainly not be given a fun nickname that brings to mind cartoons or the curved shapes of the first models. Made of solid gold, shiny, and something that every good, rich Texan oilman would proudly wear on his wrist, this watch mixes ostentation with an elegance that not every man can demonstrate.

The same model in white gold is a limited edition.
It was the chronograph, with respective second, minute and 12-hour counters, that made the difference with the Daytona model (reference 6239). It was given the nickname “Paul Newman” after the actor who often wore it, above all when driving. It is part of a vintage collection that not only attracts the attention of the most nostalgic, but also the approval of those who want to experiment with all the chronographic functions that Rolex added to the line.

From one actor to another, the Rolex Explorer II (ref. 1655) became known as “Steve McQueen”, or “Freccione” in Italian after the orange arrow-shaped second hour hand, whose purpose is to differentiate between day and night.

Whether for the purpose of immediate recognition or because the tendency to attribute names is second-nature to the human spirit, the Rolex watch nicknames have the power to draw even more attention. This is what happens, after all, when irony meets luxury: fun is guaranteed.