Dot Watch – The watch for the partially sighted

June 8, 2022By Bonetto Cinturini

Watches are things that we now take for granted, almost as if they were a part of our wrist, and they accompany us through our daily lives like a piece of our body.
We glance at them hundreds of times a day, checking if we are on time for an appointment, if the person we are waiting for is on time, or simply on lazy, relaxing days in the hope that time never passes.

The movement of the hands that appears to be automatic and part of life is, instead, a symbol of our passage on earth and it reminds us that every instant is precious and deserves to be lived in the best way possible.
We should look at the dial of our luxury jewel more carefully, and not take even an imperceptible movement of the seconds hand for granted.

This routine, which seems so familiar to us and which we take for granted, is not as simple for the partially sighted, who find it difficult to see the hands, often small and difficult to identify.
Watches, until now, have tended to exclude this type of client, depriving them of the possibility of always knowing what moment of the day they were in without having to ask someone else.

Technology has been taking giant steps forward, and at times thoughts don’t have to travel too far ahead: instead, at times, you can actualize a futuristic product starting from the past.

This is the case, for example, of the famous Dot Incorportation brand, established in 2015 with a cast-iron objective to include all social categories in the system mechanics.
The team of experts worked for years on one main goal: to make time tangible, even though its progress cannot be stopped definitively. 

Its passing can become real, and this concept was behind the development of the Dot Watch, which is modern and inclusive as we will see further on, smart and pleasant to look at, and also full of interesting functions that make it equal to, if not better than, many market models.

So, let’s see in detail what it is and how it can improve the lives of partially sighted people, who can finally wear an elegant, refined model on their wrist that is suitably for their needs.

What Dot Watch is

In appearance, Dot Watch is a normal watch with an elegant, refined finish, made with a dark grey rubber strap and a dial laid out in an unusual manner.

You will not find hands on the dial, but 24 pins that rise and lower continually as the minutes pass. It uses Braille, which over the years has allowed partially sighted people to read and write extremely easily.
Obviously, there is no crystal to cover the model, because hands are needed to read and have a precise idea of the time in every moment of the day.
In spite of its complex, well-structured movement, its lines are simple and geometric, and the design is elegant and simple. Its conscientious inner layout and its neutral colours make it perfect for every occasion and type of outfit.

It would be wrong, though, to treat this product as if it was just a simple watch: in reality it is the first real model of a smartwatch dedicated to partially sighted people.
It does not exclusively show the time, but can be connected to any kind of electronic device no matter what the operating system is, so as to receive information about calls and read messages.

The alphabet used is Braille, so introducing sounds to exemplify content was not necessary.
The truly interesting aspect is that owners can decodify on their own, so there is no need for vocal assistance – which allows those nearby to hear – to read what is written.

The functions do not end here, though. Personal reminders can be set and recalled at the most opportune moment using the 24 pins, which are easy to decode for anyone who is familiar with Braille and uses it to read and write.

How the idea of a watch for the partially sighted came about

The brand slogan says Reinventing Accessibility, Making our world accessible, Dot by Dot.

This is the essence of the philosophy that Dot Incorporation wants to transmit to the world, which should become a place that is accessible to everyone, no-one excluded, so that each and every one of us can use the most cutting-edge technology according to their possibilities.
A series of continually more interesting challenges therefore arises, solidifying the most random concept that can exist: time.

Numerous studies were done to come up with a similar project; questions were asked about how to make the passing hours into something tangible, even for those who cannot see the hands that move but who have to use the other senses they developed while living. 

Whoever said that only sight is needed when man can use his other 4 senses to feel, hear, taste and smell?

The only road available had to be searched for in the commendable invention of the past, Braille, which revolutionized the world of the partially sighted as far as communication was concerned, and which still has the potential to help integrate those people in a society that too often tends to exclude rather than find solutions to include.

In addition to the beauty of the product, whose lines and style are among the best on the market as far as elegance and sophistication are concerned, is the message that strikes clients, easily transforming an activity that appears to be outside the limits of a whole target into something that is intuitive, natural, for everyone else.

The start came from the 19th century with the ideas of Louis Braille, adding all the technological innovations that developed during the centuries, finally reaching the creation of an ad hoc product for the requirements of a whole range of population.

Why buy a Dot Watch

If you have decided to always arrive on time or simply want to follow time as it goes by in spite of being partially sighted, the ideal solution is to purchase a Dot Watch.

It was made paying maximum attention to the details, for which only top-quality materials are used, able to resist strain and wear, so as to guarantee optimal short-, medium- and long-term performances.
Instead of the classic hands or digital system, this watch has thin grey pins on the dial, which perfectly reproduce the Braille that is used in many places, such as railway stations, airports, places of cult or cultural poles where works are explained using various methods.

So why not make this concept of inclusion into something more extensive, going from microcategories to the simpler, more automatic activities of daily life.
It may seem that having a watch is not necessary, when instead for many people it is a limit that reduces independence, because you always need a third person to know what time it is.
In addition, this watch is a true smartphone, which acts just like those we are used to seeing in most shops.

It will no longer be necessary to ask your electronic devices to read calls and messages out loud, reducing privacy to a minimum, but it will be possible to decode them completely independently, simply by using touch and the movement of the pins.

In addition, if you have appointments or variables and are worried about forgetting them, an easy-to-read agenda can be created, so you will be informed by an alarm that uses the same system.

Incredible how such an old invention could lead to the creation of such an innovative means, able to notably improve the quality of life of the partially sighted, allowing them to become part of the social routine with the same rhythms as everyone else, simply by using different abilities that grew during their life for different needs.

Everything combined with impeccable aesthetics, whose colours and lines recall the elegance of London models, modern but with an ageless fascination.

The silver metal strap is a true pleasure for the eyes, but silicon straps in bright colours can also be selected to diversify the product according to your mood and the season of the year.

Whoever said that a watch for the partially sighted couldn’t be design and stylish? 

This watch matches every outfit, no matter whether professional and serious or fun-loving and original for your free time. It always makes a good visual impression and has cutting-edge Bluetooth technology.

The product configuration is decidedly simple and can be done independently, following the instructions of the electronic device and the grey pins that communicate all messages. 

Designed for the new millennium, discover how to best use Dot Watch and add it to the objects that are essential to your daily routine. Improve your quality of life, your look, and always get to your appointments on time.